Smile Train Story – Shivansh and Sandeep

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Sandeep Singh and Rekha Bala were blessed with a baby boy Shivansh after 12 long years of their marriage but the happiness of both the parents went half when they saw the face of their son, as he was born with cleft lip cut on one side. His father felt devastated as he himself had cleft palate and was operated for the same in his childhood at a private hospital in Udhampur, which was very expensive and the results were highly unsatisfactory as he developed palatal fistula after surgery and his speech was also incomprehensible.

Sandeep worked as a labourer in a factory. His wages were hardly sufficient to meet the family’s daily needs. However, both parents kept on giving all the love and care to Shivansh, but they were apprehensive about the future of their son. Time kept on passing when Shivansh was 4 months old, one of Sandeep’s friend informed him about a camp which was organized by a smile train accredited centre in Jammu, regarding the facility of free treatment of cleft patients.

Little was he aware for the same, as they lived in a remote village Gaink, near Gharote in district Jammu. He could not believe about the free of cost treatment, until he took Shivansh to the Jammu Camp. He was a bit hesitant initially, but the doctors convinced him to visit Amandeep Hospital before deciding for the operation. When he and his wife took Shivansh there, they saw many such cleft patients and their relatives. They discussed each and every aspect of treatment of such children at the hospital under smile train project with the doctors and relatives of the patients.

After that they made up their mind to get Shivansh operated. The very next day, he was operated. Sandeep and his wife were amazed with the results as Shivansh regained back his normal smile, facial appearance and look.

They were so happy with the results that after 10 days, Sandeep himself decided to get operated for his palatal fistula repair at the same hospital. They were thankful to smile train project under which all the quality care was provided by Amandeep Hospital free of cost.






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