Obestetric and Gynaecology

The progress in obestetrics and gynaecology in last millenium is remarkable.The evolving concept of PAINLESS LABOUR overcomes all the fears for normal delivery of patients.


Dr Rashi Sammi is consultant, department of obstetrics & gynaecolgy at Amandeep Hospital Pathankot. She has done her post graduation from reputed institute of MANIPAL. She has experience in treating all kinds of problems related of pregnancy as well as gynaecological problems related to infertility,mensural problems of all ages, pelvic infections . She has presented papers in many confrences and has many publications in national & international journals.

Services Provided:-

1) Comprehensive pregnancy care which involves:-

-Care during whole pregnancy

-Delivery (Normal as well as cesarian section)with PAINLESS LABOUR

-Post pregnancy care

-Ectopic pregnancy

2) High risk pregnancy

-Heart disease with pregnancy

-Blood disorder with pregnancy

-Thyroid disorder with pregnancy

-Twin Pregnancy

– Aneamia with pregnancy

3) Abortions:-

-Threatened abortion

-Inevitable abortion

-Missed abortion

4) Infertility :-

workup as well as treatment

5) Family planning :-

Tubertomy,Cut insertion

1) post pastum
2) internal

6) Intra-uterine death of foetus

7) Mensural problems of all age groups

8) Cancer screening and prevention


Q. 1. Should i eat differntly now i am pregnant

You need more vitamin,minerals mainly folic acid & iron few more calories.

-Eat variety of food

-Milk and dairy products for E.g. skimmed milk,yougart,paneer (good source of calcium,protein,vitamin B )

– Cereals,whole grains,pulses.(good source of protein)

drink lots of fluid specially fresh water & fresh juices.

Q.2. Do i need to eat more as i am pregnant

Ans. 200 extra calories are required .But sometimes you may need less caories if you were overweight.

Q.3. What food should be avoided during preganacy

Ans. Unpasteurised milk (buffalo or cow milk ) can lead to food posioning

– Cheese  with white mouldy rind can lead to listrosis.

– Raw or undercooked meat/egg.

– Large fishes like shark,canned fish

– Alchol and coffee

Q .4. How much weight I will gain during y pregnancy?

Ans. Between 8 -15 kg

Maximum weight gain is in 3rd trimester when baby is growing the most.

Q.5. Whether my baby is fine or not

Ans. Baby should move 10 times in 12 hours or approx once in every hour.

Q.6. Whether I will go for normal delivery or caesarian section?

Ans: Decision can nnot be taken before hand. It is only decided during the labour by pelvic examination of the patient except in some cases where there is absolute indication for caesarian section like central placenta previa, breech presentation with C.P.D , Twins with first twin breech etc .

Q.7. Why i am having so much white discharge?

Ans. Not all white discharge are the sign of infection. White discharge after two weeks of periods is normal and no treatment is requied for it. If it occurs at some other time of cycle and associated with foul smell and itching then you should definately consult doctor.

Q.8.Why i always have periods before or after my scheduled date?

Ans. normal cycle duration is of 28 days . If you get  your periods one week before or one week after the scheduled date then it is normal cycle. Means normal cycle duration can vary from 21 to 35 days.