Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine in Amandeep Hospital is headed by Dr Anil Kumar DNB Medicine and Ex-Resident from Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi India. He has special interest in Endocrinology. Dr Anil Shows his special interest in conducting free medical camp & providing free medical education to the community.
Amandeep Hospital being mainly a surgical centre, many patients have pre- existing medical diseases/problems or develop medical complications during their stay in the hospital.
The Department mainly deals with Pre-operative evaluation, stabilization and Post operative care of surgical patients with Medical diseases/ complications. Regular Medical OPD from Monday to Saturday is run, where medical patients are examined and treated for various disorders like:

  • Diabetes and its complications

  • Thyroid Disorders

  • Neurological disorders – C.V.A’s, Epilepsy, Parkinsonism etc

  • Diseases of Liver, Pancreas, Gastrointestinal system.

  • Disorders of Kidney and Urinary tract.

  • Asthma, Pneumonias.

  • Hypertension and other Cardiovascular Ailments.

  • Various Infectious diseases.

  • Poisoning, Drug overdose/abuse