Department of Dietetics

In Pursuit of a Balanced Life

“Balance is the key: I need to be successful in my career to feel fulfilled, be surrounded by people I care about to share it with, and have my health to be able to do the things I love to do!” – Kiana Tom

Living a balanced life sounds like a myth to many! With growing stress and health issues, it’s indeed a herculean task to gather all the bits and pieces of one’s life to accomplish what we call balance. Our current generation juggles between career, fitness, society and family, all at the same time. With health being the primary tradeoff, what remains is the essence of a cryptic paradox and many questions as to how one can attain balance in this reckless world. According to a survey by economic times, 46% of the workforces in Indian firms suffer from some or the other form of stress. Many critical issues are creating tremendous pressure on individuals leading them to depression, suicides and heart attacks. We must comprehend this inevitable fact that our health is the foundation of everything we possess. Fitness isn’t just an activity, it’s a lifestyle. Well don’t be scared, for no one is compelling you to turn vegan overnight or run a marathon next week! Just a few basic changes in your daily regime along with proper diet and constant exercise can take your stamina to new heights. According to Indian Express, around 62% people drop out of the gym after taking membership in the very first month. In long run, only 10% of them get transformed into regular members. Well numbers say it all! But the real question is why people leave working out? Consistency and patience are the basic formula to attain and maintain decent health. The basic problem with new fitness enthusiasts is that, they get confused amidst the idea of staying fit and losing weight. They tend to concentrate more on exercise and ignore proper diet that follows, further expecting immediate result and a rush to boycott everything. Accomplishing your fitness goals doesn’t mean that you need to sweat every single day in the gym. Most of the trainers only demand an hour of workout, five times a week. The crux of this regime is to focus on target specific muscles along with cardio. Even if you need to take a day off the gym, try indulging in activities like hiking or biking. There are also certain habits to be inculcated in order to maintain this healthy approach towards life. Waking up early is one commitment you can do to yourself for long term results. Early risers are more consistent throughout the day with high stamina and energy level. Since the healthy outside starts from the inside, food is a significant asset to human health. When it comes to dieting, people mostly exaggerate things. Try focusing on the nutritional value of the food. Make meal plans according to your daily calorie intake. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but consumption of right calorie can bestow you with extra energy, help alleviate stress and can even prevent you from heart diseases. Also dedicate some time to grocery shopping to stock up things for next week. Set realistic goals for yourself. Don’t pursue a balanced life, but a balanced day. It’s just like that tortoise-rabbit race, only to realize that you have to be consistent about everything you do! Remember extremes are easy to attain, but balance demands persistence in life.

Dr. Sunali Sharma
Dietician and Nutritionist
Amandeep Hospital, Pathankot

Work Experience

  • 9 Years Senior clinical  Nutritionist at  Hospital
  • Working as a nutritionist & Dietician at Amandeep Hospital Since 2016 till date .

Services / Plans

  • Weight loss Program
  • OPD Patients  ( counseling Program for specific needs)
  • Weight loss program
  • Weight Gain Program
  • Diabetes Management Program
  • Cholesterol Management Program
  • Therapeutic Diets for the IPD Patients
  • RT Feeds for ICU Patients
  • Hospital Diet Charts


  • Patients of weight loss programme have successfully reduced their weight upto 10Kgs in single month.
  • Diabetic diet plans have remarkably reduced the dose of medicine for the patients.
  • Patients with dyslipidemia have controlled their triglyceride levels and increased their HDL levels.
  • Nutritionally deficient patients have gained weight as well improve their immunity levels by following a good healthy diet plan.
  • Patients with hormonal imbalance, have seen good results along with medicine and diet

Patient Testimony

Case Story 1

Patient’s name: Mrs. Ajay Malhi

Diet Plan: Weight loss diet plan

Previous weight : 86 kg

Recent weight : 74 kg

Duration : 12 weeks

Comments: Thanks! For helping me, without your guidance and motivation I would not have lost my extra pounds.

In three months, I have lost 12 kgs. It is very profitable for me.

‘Thanks’ for your help, Dr.Sunali Sharma

Case Story 2

Patient’s Name :             Mrs. Kamlesh Kumari

Previous weight:            62 kg

Recent weight   :           48 kg

Duration            :           6 weeks

Comments: I am so happy to lose my extra fat .I was very much worried about my consistent weight gain, which was shooting up in spite of my sincere efforts to control it.

A big THANKS to Dr.Sunali Sharma, who made it possible for me to fit into my dresses. I am feeling more energetic and healthy after following  her diet plan.

Case Story 3

Patient’s name: Mrs.Vijay Lakshmi

Age                :   35 years

Diet plan : weight loss diet plan

Previous weight : 85 kg

Recent weight :78 kg

Duration : 4 weeks

Comments : Thank u so much ma’am for showing care and concern .You are really good doctor.Last month I was 85 kg , with your diet plan and good advise , I lost 7kg. Thank you so much. Now I have hope that I can loose weight more than that.

Article on Newspaper By Dr. Sunali Sharma (M.S.D.F.S.M)