Bone & Joint Week Celebrated at Amandeep Hospital

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Being North India’s one of the best multispecialty hospital, Amandeep hospital has always considered its prime goal in implementing various health care initiatives to enhance the quality of life . In the month of July & August, it celebrated bone and joint week in which various health activities were organised in various cities .

JULY 30 & AUGUST 5, 2017:

BMD camps were organised in Company Bagh , Amritsar  and Income Tax Colony Park, Pathankot with a gathering of almost 105 patients . The Bone Mineral Density Test was carried out on each of them individually free of cost .

Bone Density is a medical term normally referring to the amount of mineral matter per square cm of bones . It is used in clinical medicine as an indicator of Osteoporosis and fracture risk .

IT is a measure of the amount of minerals mostly calcium and phosphorous contained in a certain volume of bone. The measurements are used to diagnose osteoporosis ( a condition marked by decreased bone mass) , to see how well osteoporosis treatments are working and to predict how likely the bones are to break .

Low bone mineral density can occur in patients treated for cancer .

JULY 31 , AUGUST 1 & AUGUST 5, 2017:

Physiotherapy Sessions were organised simultaneously in different cities viz. at Corporate School and Shishu Mandir School, Jammu, Taj Hotel, Amritsar , HDFC Bank and Govt Girls School, Ferozepur. The sessions were conducted for the staff members. Approximately 300 people attended these sessions. Doctors demonstrated various exercises on the spot and people got instant relief . The response was very good and doctors were on their toes to help the people to learn the physiotherapy exercises. Doctors shared various tips and tricks for instant relief from pain.

Physiotherapy is a primary care specialty in western medicine  by using mechanical force and movements , manual therapy , exercise therapy and electro therapy etc.

AUGUST 2 & AUGUST 3, 2017:

Free Medical Camps were organised  at Chawinda Devi & Hindu Sabha College, Amritsar and Gurudwara Bazidpur, Ferozepur  in four different categories including Orthopaedics, ENT, Plastic and General Surgery.  Total 843 patients went through full medical checkup and out of that, 35 patients were operated for ortho, 10 for ENT, 4 for plastic surgery and 4 went through general surgery.

The camps were well organised. Both, the doctors & patients cooperated with each other and these camps were like a boon for those who could not even afford the expensive surgeries, they got free of cost.

AUGUST 4, 2017:

Bone & Joint day was celebrated in Amandeep Hospital, Amritsar. All the staff members as well as the management of the hospital participated with full enthusiasm.

The whole week was celebrated with various events  which not only included just medical check ups but also created awareness among the people about the various health challenges which we are facing  everyday due to changing lifestyle of materialistic world.

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